Archimonde HC down!

It is with great pride that with a time of  7:51 we have beaten Archimonde and cleared Hellfire Citadel Heroic on the Tuesday night’s progression raid.

We would like to thank the following players for their time, persistence and skill while participating in this feat:

  • Tank
    • Solreap(Guild Leader)
    • Bullwark
  • Heal
    • Bichney (Officer)
    • Xili
    • Mototsugi
    • Sparklette (Officer)
  • DPS
    • Moozava
    • Cattibrie
    • Stryy (Officer)
    • Greenfogo
    • Samhain
    • Oabo
    • Aint
    • Allek
    • Vielle
    • Epok
    • Kikyoh (Officer)

Congratulations to Epok with his promotion from Proto to Stardom!

We hope everyone enjoys their new moose mount.

Logs of this fight can be viewed here:,be=overview


4 thoughts on “Archimonde HC down!

    1. Logs are very interesting indeed! I can see a lot of places I can improve- targets i’m not attacking enough etc.

      Must say Mr Robot really makes it fun to read too.


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